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Optima Transport Solutions Ltd came about in 2009 through a chance request from a customer to find a solution to reduce his ‘Ad Blue’ consumption costs. This sent us on a search for a quality solution from a reputable supplier. Since fitting our first SCR/DEF Delete unit we haven’t looked back and have built up a larger range of units and solutions than other suppliers, and have since identified other products such as EGR and DPF service that can benefit transport operators.

Our Story

JACK’S  background is in the heavy diesel industry, having been trained in the Dutch Army. Once in New Zeland he worked his way through the ranks of the New Zealand Detroit Diesel and Allison agents over a 17 year period in many different roles including parts management, workshop management, special projects, engine sales, warranty services, and finishing as Branch Manager in Rotorua, New  Zealand.

From there he and his wife Fiona, went on to build up the Rotorua distributorship (Bay Oil Supplies & Services Ltd)  for Total Oil over a 7 year period, introducing technology and stock management systems into the business, tripling the turnover and building a substantial customer base. They gained a reputation in the sector for their fair dealings, honesty and confidentiality. After selling in 2012 they have been focusing full time on growing Optima.






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