Engines covered: Nissan ge13 Engine. Volvo  5,7,9 and 11 liter engine in Nissan trucks.

Reprogramming Your ECU  

Or Our Proven Delete Units.

Quick. Safe. Reliable.

Main features:

  • No fault codes.
  • No de-rates.
  • No warnings on the dashboard.
  • Choice of reprogramming or wired in Delete Units ( Location, time, distance and type of vehicle will make one or the other option more suitable)
  • No strange software from EU3 trucks. Your fuel settings remain intact.
  • No strange software from the USa ( The USA tuners tend to turn OFF any safety or warnings)
  • Minimal intervention into current ECU software. We know what we do.
  • With Cummins all are files are tested in Australian conditions intriple road train applications.
  • 45 minutes (or less) for each truck.
  • Very simple system requirements
  • Limited lifetime warranty.



How to:

  1. Complete the product inquiry form
  2. Read the terms and conditions, link
  3. Some vehicles will need reprogramming.
  4. Some vehicles or machines will be better off with Adblue Delete Units or DPF Delete Units
  5. We will contact you regarding time, date, costs
  6. Alternatively call us on New Zealand 0275738586 or same number in Viber or Whatt’s app or email
  7. Invoice will be emailed and job confirmation will be sent




  • Dry space to work on truck, prefer workshop with pit or hoists.
  • No faults in truck, other than dpf, adblue, scr or def faults.
  • If the truck has other faults they need to be fixed, or at least agreed mutually they don’t affect the work we do or our ability to test drive
  • Mechanical faults, especially engine based faults, need to be corrected before we start.


That’s all!

If you’re a mechanic and plan to do more business with us? Feel free to contact us

Warranty terms and conditions:

  • Aftertreatment-related fault code appears during truck usage period.
  • Aftertreatment-related message is shown on the display
  • Torque derate caused by aftertreatment fault codes

Non-warranty cases are:

  • ECU replacement (different ECU serial numbers detected than stored into database during reprogramming) during or after reprogramming.
  • Software update campaign performed (different software detected)
  • Readout  attempts detected (different fingerprint is stored into ECU)
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