EGR/DPF/SCR Delete Service

We can reprogram your Cummins ECM or send you an exchange reprogrammed ECM.

What Does EGR Do?

EGR is exhaust gas recirculation.  Hot exhaust gas is cooled and recycled into the intake manifold to reduce NOx gases.  As a result of this system more particulates are produced and these particulates require a DPF and also contaminate your lubricant. Roughly what was happening on Euro 3 emission systems.

Then DPF was added because the side effect of introducing EGR was more particulates (soot) in the exhaust.

Both of these systems fail often, especially the exhaust gas coolers and DPF mufflers.

If you have EGR you will have the following weaknesses built into your engine:  

  • High exhaust back pressure, and high exhaust temperature
  • DPF blocks easily and often
  • Lots of DPF regeneration cycles, often causing smoke, and the smoke leads to complaints from other road users
  • High intake temperature, inefficient fuel use
  • High top ring temperature (less engine life)
  • High coolant temperature (compromises engine life and coolant systems)
  • High Fan ON time (up to 80% in some engines)
  • High soot in the intake, blocked inlet manifolds
  • EGR cooler failures (often leads to turbo and piston/valve issues)
  • EGR electronic component problems
  • Poor throttle response and low power complaints
  • Poor fuel consumption
  • High soot loading in the engine oil, causing extra wear and needing more frequent oil changes
  • Lots of time off the road, on top of being parked up for DPF regenerations

The Options Are

  • Retain your original horsepower and delete EGR and DPF
  • Increase horsepower up to 620 hp and delete EGR and DPF
  • Increase horsepower up to 660 hp and delete EGR and DPF
  • Higher horsepower option available upon request

The Benefits

  • A feeling of more power and good response
  • A wider power band (EGR restricts power under 1300 and above 1600 rpm in most engine files)
  • Better fuel economy (we have seen 17%)
  • Lower engine operating temperature by about 10 or 15 degrees
  • Cleaner engine oil, and cooler engine oil, less oil changes, longer engine life
  • Very little Fan ON time, down to 15 or 20% (less noise and less fuel used)
  • Less down time and less repairs
  • For every dollar saved in fuel you will save a dollar in maintenance
  • It is possible, in most cases, to remove the whole EGR system and all of its components, saving weight and costs.

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