Set out below are our basic terms and conditions and other important purchase information that may be relevant to your specific product purchase. Please use this FORM if you have a specific product enquiry.


These conditions also apply to ECM reprogramming except where conditions are peculiar to Adblue Delete units.

  1. Warranty becomes void if installation is not carried out by a recognised automotive electrician.
  2. Optima Transport Solutions Ltd (OTSL) takes no responsibility for the warranty, malfunction or failure of the Adblue Delete unit if it has been opened, tampered with, altered, reprogrammed or changed in any other way from it’s original condition at the time of supply.
  3. OTSL takes no responsibility for the outcome of an installation, or the performance of a vehicle when an Adblue unit is installed on another vehicle whether of the same or a different make, model or brand of vehicle that it was not programmed for, whether the unit is a first time installation or whether it has been removed from one model of vehicle and installed on a different vehicle, make, model or brand. Should the unit be removed from one vehicle to be installed on another vehicle of the same or of a different make, model or brand, OTSL takes no responsibility for the correct functioning of the unit if it is not reprogrammed by them for the new vehicle it is to be installed on.
  4. OTSL suggest that savings of 90% on Adblue solution costs can be made, but these are dependent on the vehicle the unit is installed into, the usage of that vehicle, and the decision of the driver/owner as to when the unit is switched on and off.
  5. The Adblue Delete unit/s remain the property of OTSL until such times as the purchase price of the unit/s is paid in full. OTSL retains the right to enter any premises or property necessary to retrieve such goods from the vehicle in which they are installed.
  6. Payment for either reprogramming or Adblue Delete units is due at time of an order being placed unless special arrangements are made with OTSL. Overdue accounts may be charged a 2.5% interest rate and recovery costs may be charged also at OTSL’s discretion. Payment by credit card or Paypal may require charges attached to this payment method to be included in the customer’s purchase invoice.
  7. The Adblue Delete unit is designed so as not to interfere with the operation of the vehicle’s onboard systems, however OTSL advises customers to seek vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations should they have any reservations regarding the performance and installation of the Adblue Delete unit, especially where such vehicle is still under a manufacturer’s warranty for any part of the vehicle.
  8. OTSL takes no responsibility for damage occurring to the Adblue Delete unit in the course of the vehicle’s operation, or as a result of structural or accidental damage to the unit or the vehicle.
  9. OTSL take no responsibility for misrepresentation, incorrect installation, or insufficient information given to a purchaser or potential purchaser about it’s products or services by anyone other than direct the owners and employees of OTSL. including appointed dealers, installers and their employees. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that they have sufficient information and knowledge to make a fully informed purchasing decision taking into consideration factors such as the usage, age, make, model, brand and application of the vehicle in which they wish to install the unit/s.
  10. OTSL takes no responsibility for loss during transport to the customer. Where possible track and trace freight will be used, but this is not always possible depending on the location of the customer
  11. Reprogramming or Adblue Delete boxes are good solutions but are not 100% foolproof. Different software and hardware combinations can give rise to small problems that may need further work.
  12. Software updates are not included in any purchase.
  13. ECMs do fail. No responsibility is taken by OTSL .
  14. If ECMs are updated by it’s manufacturer or it’s agent our work will be undone. To have the vehicle ECM reprogrammed after an update is considered another purchase and the customer will be invoiced the normal cost of this service.
  15. Some reprogramming services, including used Japanese domestic market vehicles imported into New Zealand may need up to 21 days to reprogram.