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Optima Transport provide the following Services to our clients backed by many years of experience and knowledge.

ECU Remapping

We download your ECM and send the program away for modifying along the parameters we have discussed and agreed. This can be EGR delete, DPF delete, more power, better fuel, higher torque ratings, or a combination of these options.
Due to the way reprogramming works we are trying to set up appointments in certain parts of the country for a number of jobs at the same time; i.e. if you are in Dunedin and can help us get 4 or 5 jobs lined up we can plan an overnight visit and keep installation and accommodation costs to a minimum. Of course, if it is an urgent job we will treat it as such.

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AdBlue Delete

We can turn off your AdBlue with our AdBlue Delete Module on most trucks and tractors, and in some cases we can do this with ECU remapping.
We can do the installation, or you can organise your own electrician to do this. Easy, fast and simple.

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EGR Delete for Cummins

Our service here consists of getting the ISN (the engine personality) of your engine. We reprogram an ECM for you. The options you need to tell us you want are any of the following: EGR delete, DPF delete, AdBlue delete, VGT delete, retain existing power, get 620 Hp, get 660 Hp or 780 Hp. Depending on what you have you can tick any or all options.
We then send you an ECM and two parts that need fitting, or we can come and do it for you at normal charge out rates. The only job you have to organise on the day we fit the ECM and engine parts is the removal of the DPF and replacing it with a normal muffler. We can give some advice on how to do this quickly and cost effectively. Some trucks with Cummins engines do not have a DPF muffler.
The EGR delete and DPF delete service is available soon for Detroit S60 and DD13 and DD15.

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With our 30 years of experience in the heavy equipment and transport industry we can offer advice on technical problems and on purchasing new or used machines or trucks or regarding mechanical or fleet maintenance issues.

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